Globe Telecom - Victoria Plaza Branch, Davao City

Globe Telecom or commonly known as Globe is one of the leading telecommunication companies in the Philippines. It is owned by Singapore Telecommunications, Ayala Corporation and some public stock. The Rober Dollar Company subsequently incorporated in the Philippines as Globe Wireless Limited and in 1934, Congress passed Act. No. 4150 transferring the franchise and priveleges of the Rober Dollar Company to Globe Wireless Limited. Its own mission is to transform and enrich lives through communications. Globe is indispensable to people lives through:

  • Providing their customers with superior excellence.
  • Being a center of excellence for innovation worldwide.
  • Creating a rewarding environment where people strive for excellence and grow.
  • Creating superior value for their shareholders.
  • And, making great things possible.


Customer First

Their customers are their greatest passion. They are personally responsible for satisfying and even exceeding their expectations.

They take ownership of and responsibility for their actions, decisions, and their results.

They strive to best in everything they do, in an environment that is nurturing and fulfilling. They learn and make their selves better everyday.


Experienced Professionals
In Globe, they are committed to maximizing and harnessing the potential of every individual they hire. If you have been working for over 3 years of have a Masters degree or a PhD and are looking for new challenges and better career options then this is the place to be.

Graduate & Early Careers
Globe is passionate about developing future leaders. If you are either nearing the completion of your Bachelor's Degree , a recent graduate or have less than 3 years work experience, get an overview here of the whole range of opportunities open for you.

Student Internships
Experience the real world. Their internships are the ideal opportunity to get actual experience of working in this very exciting hyper-moving services sector. Open to students who are in the their penultimate year of undergraduate studies (i.e. 3rd year of a 4-year course or 4th year of a 5-year course).


The President & CEO, guided by the Company’s vision, mission, and values statements, is accountable to the Board for the development and recommendation of strategies, and the execution of the defined strategic imperatives. The President & CEO is assisted by the Deputy CEO to whom the heads of each of the major business units and support groups report.

The Office of Strategy Management (OSM) reports to the Deputy CEO and oversees the Company’s strategy management processes from strategy formulation, translation to executable plans, horizontal alignment of business objectives across the organization, to execution and performance tracking linked to the Company’s rewards system.

Every year, the Company reviews and formulates its strategic priorities which then guide the formulation of the key business strategies and goals for the year. Using the balanced scorecard framework, each business group identifies financial and non-financial objectives, and sets targets and initiatives to achieve them. This is captured in what is called the groups’ Terms of Reference (TOR). To ensure line of sight, the group TORs are cascaded to all employees, making sure that everyone understands and appreciates their contribution to the group goals. This helps in developing individual performance plans that are aligned with the key strategies. Rewards and incentives are given based on the achievement of the committed group and individual targets.

Key programs, projects, and major organizational initiatives are taken up at the SEG, composed of the President & CEO, the Deputy CEO, as well as the heads of each of the major business units and support groups. All budgets and major capital expenditures must be approved by the SEG prior to endorsement to the Board for approval. The Chief Operating Adviser and Chief Technical Adviser also provide inputs to the SEG as required. The SEG meets at least twice a month.

Management is mandated to provide complete and accurate information on the operations and affairs of the Company in a timely manner. Management is also required to prepare financial statements for each preceding financial year in accordance with Philippine Financial Reporting Standards (PFRS). Management’s statement of responsibility with regards to the Company’s financial statements is included in this annual report.

The annual compensation of the ten (10) top officers of the Company, including the President & CEO, is disclosed in the Definitive Information Statement distributed to the shareholders. The total annual compensation includes the basic salary, guaranteed bonuses, fixed allowances, and variable pay (performance-based annual incentive).

Globe Telecom is committed to enhancing not just human capital but also human potential. The Company's people strategy is centered on empowering, engaging, and constantly energizing its talents so that no business challenge proves impossible.

As an organization needing to reinvent itself constantly, continuous improvement, managing change and developig competencies are disciplines that are being ingrained in various teams. Whether in training programs, in project postmortem, through employee engagement and organization diagnosis surveys, in quarterly business reviews or in lunch-time brownings informal learning sessions, the Company's employees learn, discover, and work together in striving for excellence. Balanced performance metrics are also put in place to support leadership with integrity to ensure that performance targets made are delivered, and eventually reinforced, recognized, and rewarded.

The Company believed that leadership and talent management is a competitive advantage for winning the future. As such, succession planning and talent development processes are institutionalized. These are reinforced by feedback, coaching, and career planning programs. Opportunities are also provided for key talents to learn from other best practice companies here in the region. Various talent pipelines have been put in place to make sure that Globe Telecom is able to grow develop the next generation of leaders who will drive the business of the future.

The Globe Group has 5, 161 active regular employees as of December 31, 2006, of which about 14% are covered by a Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) with the Globe Telecom Workers Union (GTWU). The CBA is valid until December 31, 2010 with a renegotiation on the economic aspects in 2008, a process that is expected to arrive at a peaceful and swift conclusion as in the previous CBA's. The Company has a long-standing, cordial, and constructive relationship with the GTWU characterized by industrial peace. It is a partnership that mutually agrees to focus on shared goals-one that has in fact allowed the attainment of higher levels of productivity and consistent quality of service to customers across different segments.

Globe Telecom recognizes the importance of regular communication with its investors, and is committed to high standards of disclosure, transparency, and accountability. The Company aims to provide a fair, accurate, and meaningful assessment of the Company’s financial performance and prospects through the annual report, quarterly financial reports, and analyst presentations.

The Company’s quarterly financial results are disclosed to the SEC and Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) within 24 hours from their approval by the Board. The Company also files its quarterly and year-end financial statements and the detailed management’s discussion and analysis within forty-five (45) and one hundred and five (105) calendar days respectively from the end of the financial period covered by the report, in compliance with the financial reporting and disclosure requirements of the SEC and the PSE. These reports are also made available to the analysts immediately upon confirmation by the SEC of receipt of disclosure, and are posted on the Company’s website.

Additionally, any material, market-sensitive information such as dividend declarations are also disclosed to the SEC and PSE, as well as released through various media including press releases and Company website posting.

The Company regularly holds quarterly investor briefings to discuss the quarterly financial results. A conference call facility is set up during these investor briefings to enable wider participation. The Company also participates in both local and international investor conferences as part of its investor communications program.

The Company likewise holds an annual stockholders' meeting where shareholders are given the opportunity to raise questions and clarify issues relevant to the Company. The Board, President & CEO, members of management, and external auditors are present to address any questions raised at these meetings.

Enquiries by shareholders, whether by telephone, mail, or electronic mail, are dealt with as promptly as possible. Shareholders, investors, and the public may also access the Company's website ( to obtain information on the Company.

According to the branch head manager of Globe Telecom in Victoria Plaza Branch, here in Davao City, Globe is dedicated to serve its customers hundred percent. He added that Globe has the finest and fastest mainframes or supercomputers located in Mandaluyong that serves as their server. Mainframes are computers used mainly by large organizations for critical applications, typically bulk data processing such as census, industry and consumer statistics, ERP, and financial transaction processing.Globe Telecom-Victoria Plaza Branch (Davao) has two desk officers, three customer personnel for customer service , one escort personnel, three office clerks and a head manager to cater the needs of the customer. There are three laptops and three desktop computers having database systems for their employees, customers and for some pertinent documents. There are lots of software used for the customer care service (cannot be mentioned due to its confidentiality). All computers are connected to its main server at Mandaluyong. Actually, there are no cases was recorded about hacking to the Globe's computers but attacking of some viruses like Jollibee Virus, UST virus, etc., are common cases because of inserting some flash disks from outside.



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